Products Sugar Substitute CandyS


The new liquid sugar substitute based on sugar

  • full sugar taste without calories
  • sterile packaging, without preservatives
  • sugar reduction for the whole family
  • liquid - for hot and cold foods
  • hermostable - also for baking and cooking
  • small, practical and portable

The new way to sweeten

CandyS is a sweetener made from sucralose (E955) - for the first time in liquid form, sterilely packed in a 10ml dropper bottle.

CandyS is recommended as a sugar substitute for diabetics as well as for the general reduction of sugar consumption.

CandyS contains sucralose, a calorie-free sweetener based on natural sugar and has the following advantages:

  • a higher sweetening power than aspartame and saccharin
  • tastes like sugar and has no aftertaste
  • contains no preservatives and is sterilely packaged in a 10ml dropper bottle, perfect for on-the-go.It fits in your pocket, your smallest bag or your briefcase.
  • temperature-stable and, thanks to its liquid form, versatile for beverageds, baking and cooking.
  • ideal for reducing sugar consumption with full enjoyment, e.g. in coffee, tea, fruit juices, jam, cakes, etc. It can be consumed without restriction by the whole family.
  • tooth-friendly


Sucralose was discovered in 1976 by Tate and Lyle during a study with Queen Elizabeth College, University of London.

1991 First marketing authorisation for sucralose in Canada, followed by

1993 in Australia

1996 in New Zealand

1998 in the USA

2004 in the European Union

2006 in Switzerland

To date, sucralose has been approved in more than 80 countries.

The product is also sold worldwide marketed under the name Splenda.


Sucralose is produced by selectively chlorinating sucrose, exchanging three hydroxyl groups for three chlorine atoms.

Consequently, sucralose is not recognised by the body as a sugar or carbohydrate and has no effect on its metabolism. It leaves the body unchanged without being affected by digestion or accumulating in the body.

Extensively tested and documented

The safety of sucralose has been comprehensively documented in one of the most extensive testing programmes for new food additives. Its harmlessness has been proven in over 100 studies over a period of 20 years.

The profile of sucralose means:

  • best digestibility
  • no influence on carbohydrate metabolism
  • no influence on blood sugar
  • no influence on insulin levels
  • no calories

Sweetening power

Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, 4 times sweeter than aspartame and 2 times sweeter than saccarine.

Versatile use

CandyS can be used in many ways, thanks to its liquid form and extreme heat stability, i.e. in hot or cold drinks, for baking and cooking.

The practical packaging makes CandyS a valued companion which is always there when sweetener is needed.


CandyS consists of sucralose (E955) and sterile water.

Each bottle contains 10ml or 200 drops (approx. 100 pieces of sugar).

1 to 2 drops contain:

Calories                      0 g                 Fat                                         0 g

Saturated   Fat       0 g                 Cholesterol                           0 mg

Sodium                       0 mg              Total Carbohydrates       < 1 g

Dietary fibre               0 g                 Sugar                                    < 1 g

Protein                      0 g                 Vitamin A                               0 %*

Vitamin D                   0 %*              Calcium                                 0 %*

Iron                           0 %*

* = 0% of the daily dose


Order CandyS quickly and easily here in the shop, or ask at your pharmacy or drugstore, or ask your nutritionist.

If are unfamiliar with the product, the Pharmacode 4483248 may help.

Specialty shops are offered a space-saving display unit that allows for optimal product presentation.

Dimensions are 16 x 16 x 8 cm (height) containing 25 CandyS