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Sodium Starch Glycolate, Type A (Ph. Eur. / USP-NF)

Sodium Starch Glycolate SSG SANAQ®, the sodium starch glycolate of potato starch, is a chemically modified (sodium hydroxide and chloride acid) derivative of starch.

SSG SANAQ® is used as disintegrant for tablets, capsules and granules. The tablets mainly are produced by direct tableting and wet granulation.

SSG SANAQ® is recommended in a concentration of 2-8% of the total weight.

SSG SANAQ® is a starch derivative, which chemical and physical identities meed the latest standards of (Ph. Eur., USP-NF, BP).


The effects of SSG SANAQ® as a disintegrating agent are caused by the rapid absorption of water and the enormous swelling properties of the SSG SANAQ® particles. Undissolvable in water, the swollen SSG SANAQ® particles remain intact (no formation of a viscous film) and consequently cause the rapid disruption of the tablet in its components. Hence, SSG SANAQ® improves the release and the absorption of the active ingredient. Even after long storage the effect of disintegration enhancement remains.

Usage of hydrophobic lubricants in the tablet formulation often reduces the disintegration time (hydrophobic film covering the tablet ingredient particles). In this case SSG SANAQ® guarantees a rapid absorption of water and due to the excellent swelling property a fast and complete disintegration of the tablet.

Particle size
≤ 40 µm, min 40 % ≥ 80 µm, max 7 %
Bulk density
1.0 g/cm3
50 kg Drum