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TAP® – Tartaric Acid Pellet

TAP® – Tartaric Acid Pellets

Tartaric Acid is widely used in food products, oral, topical an paranteral pharmaceutical formulations and is generally regarded as a nontoxic and nonirritant material.

In general tartaric acid is also used:

  • in beverages, confectionery, food products and pharmaceutical formulations as an acidulant
  • as a sequesterring agent
  • as an antioxidant synergist
  • in pharmaceutical formulations with bicarbonates, as the acid component of effervescent granules, powders and tablets

Applications of TAP® – Tartaric Acid Pellets

TAP® are highly particles optimised for coating and layering processes to achieve reproducible product characteristics.

In extended release pellet formulations TAP® can be integrated to reduce the pH-dependancy of the drug release therefore achieve the desired dissolution profile.