Produkte Bindemittel Mannitol SANAQ®

Mannitol SANAQ®

Mannitol SANAQ® - DC

Mannitol SANAQ is a new direct-compression excipient, produced in a low-moisture granulation process.
Mannitol SANAQ is a coprocessed granulated form of Mannitol USP with ca. 10 % Povidone USP (a commonly-used tabletting binder). The product is white, slightly sweet-tasting and combines superb flowability and tablet hardness.


Mannitol SANAQ can be used for direct-compression tabletting of chewable tablets, lozenges and effer- versent tablets or as a capsule-filler. It can also be used in conjunction with other excipients such as flavoring agents or disintegrants.


Mannitol SANAQ - DC is a odorless, white free-flowing granule with a sweet taste. It consists of 89 - 94% Mannitol, the remainder consists of Povidone. The Mannitol and Povidone used correspond to the current monographs in USP/NF and EP.