Pharmatrans-Sanaq AG

Pharmatrans SANAQ AG specializes in excipients and active ingredients. The company was founded by Anton S. Huber in 1982 in Basel – Switzerland in the heart of Europe and at the pulse of the pharmaceutical industry.

The spirit of innovative high quality products and services is continued by the present management and makes our international network of our business partners grow on a solid base.

Our brandname SANAQ stands for:

S – Safety

ANA – Analytics

Q – Quality

Due to our long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical industry and our reputation for reliability, we actively serve over 80 customers – multinational, small and middle-sized pharmaceutical enterprises – mainly within Europe. Our Strengths

  • We do not only offer high quality products. As your partner we offer assistance in all steps of the value chain concerning our exipients and their further development.
  • Pharmatrans Sanaq AG is known in the European Pharmaceutical industry. We have direct access into the purchasing departments and longlasting relationships due to our commitment to quality and reliability.
  • Due to our warehouse facilities in Rheinfelden-Germany and Basel-Switzerland, we have direct access into the European Markets.
  • Door to door service: Timespan between the order entry and delivery is reduced to a minimum.
  • We are also spezialised in packaging, storage, promotion, distribution and transportation.
  • We offer customized solutions.

Our Products with an experience of nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and our close collaboration with associated scientists, researchers/developpers and our customers we are able to steadily optimise our product range. To adjust to an everchanging environment, we, Pharmatrans Sanaq have always seen our main mission to link the scientific with the industrial world. For more than 18 years we have used toll manufacturers to produce our SANAQ-branded products.

Quality and reliability being our mission, production documentation according to standards established in pharmaceuticals and quality assurance concepts have always been of great concern to us.